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What The Signs Want/Need

By e n j e r u - December 27, 2015

Aries:wants everything to be right there in front of them and without question, needs time alone so they can figure it out
Taurus:wants to be fascinated and surrounded by people who can hold their attention, needs to open their minds before their mouths
Gemini:wants to tell millions of people their story, needs to understand there is more that they have yet to know and to learn
Cancer:wants their emotions and personal space to be respected, needs to see that not every sly side remark has a deeper meaning

Leo:wants to be in the spotlight and popular to those they care about, needs to recognize their best qualities and what they need to work on as well
Virgo:wants everything to be ordered and clear, needs to accept the fact that confusion is sometimes inevitable
Libra:wants world peace and to settle arguments between friends, needs to pay more attention to themselves
Scorpio:wants to form deep emotional connections but also a connection with themselves, needs to forgive and forget when necessary
Sagittarius:wants to see the world and embark on outrageous adventures, needs to know their limits as well as their habits
Capricorn:wants to work until success is practically at their front porch, needs to worry about their own progress before they try to micromanage others
Aquarius:wants to move the world with their drive and their passion, needs to identify what kind of message they aim to convey
Pisces:wants to establish long lasting and meaningful emotional connections with multiple people, needs to stand up for themselves

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