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Why She/He Broke Up With You (Zodiac)

By e n j e r u - December 18, 2015

*note : use their sign

Aries:  You're too clingy / You're not fun enough or you're "boring"

Taurus:  You don't meet their needs (they're clingy and somewhat materialistic).

Gemini:  You weren't smart enough / You didn't respond well to their sarcasm / basically, its tbd because they break up over the stupidest shit.

Cancer:  You didn't meet their emotional needs / They felt like you wanted sex all the time / You made them feel insecure (unknowingly)

Leo:  You seemed to deviate your attention too much (they are the jealous type) / You didn't seem to want to be around them / They felt you didn't receive their eccentric nature in the way they wanted you to / You disagree with them a lot.

Virgo:  They feel like you undermind their intelligence or that you aren't keeping up / You're impatient / They try to help you, but you never respond in that way, so they tire of trying / They simply lost interest.

Libra:  You were too clingy / You're the jealous type.

Scorpio:  You didn't accept their emotional "shyness" / You don't accept their inverted ways / You can't handle some of the contradictions they put down / You can't handle them at their emotional moments, how few they are / You can't do the things they want to (like adventures) / You don't accept (and on occasion, its due to lack of praise) their passion(s).

Sagittarius:  You didn't feed their wanderlust / They fell out of love with you / The relationship got boring.

Capricorn:  You were impatient / You didn't accept their advise / You wanted to be around them 24/7 / You had to be the most important thing in their life. (Though, you probably broke up with them tbh).

Aquarius:  You were too similar, and maybe you seemed better / They felt you deserved someone better / They felt you deserved someone, you know, WITH emotions / You bored them / You made them feel secure / People gave them weird looks because they didn't always return your affections / Usually for your benefit tbh.

Pisces:  You're too mean / You don't accept their advise / You undermind them / You don't have any sort of wanderlust / You're to active, while their passive. (You probably broke up with them).

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