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A message for sign

By e n j e r u - December 27, 2015

dear aries:
you are so incredibly intelligent and everyone marvels at how you speak. your words are poetry and your opinions are relevant. your complexity and compassion can rival any.

dear taurus:
you have come so far on your journey and I am so proud of you. you haven’t yet reached the destination but you will get there, and it will be beautiful, much like you. your talent shines brighter than any star.

dear gemini:
you are a saving grace for those you are around. everyone can’t help but appreciate and acknowledge how you pour your heart and soul into everything you do. you are loved and you will make it. if anyone can succeed, it’s you.

dear cancer:
you care so deeply for others and that is truly admirable. however, don’t forget to care for yourself. your emotions are so important and do not deserve to be disregarded. you are home and safety to so many and make such a significant difference in the lives of others.

dear leo:
you deserve the world in relationships. platonically or romantically, never settle for anything simply mediocre. you have the determination to accomplish anything you set your mind to, and it will be amazing.

dear virgo:
you can say the most without saying anything at all. you’re incredibly intelligent, on a greater basis than book smarts. your brain has such a beautifully logical way of thinking, as if you were designed to be magnificent. you are radiant at a wide spectrum of things, even if you haven’t found them yet.

dear libra:
you are so friendly and helpful. all of your friends go to you when they need someone to talk to or a laugh. you are a natural at most things you do. believe in yourself how you believe in others, and soon you’ll be taking over the world.

dear scorpio:
you feel so intensely and that is so admirable. your passion for everything is something many lack. you’re different from the rest, but trust me beautiful, different is better. you carry yourself with a confidence no one else can muster and you will accomplish everything because you’re crazy enough to believe you can. my money’s on you.

dear sagittarius :
you are far from an open book. you’re a closed chapter, you’re page upon page of undiscovered beauty and surprises. when you’re finally opened everyone’s greeted with a world of ambition and kindness. between the lines are quirks and qualities so glorious no one else can compare. you wouldn’t change your perfect book, don’t change yourself.

dear capricorn:
you are vastly clever. your wit and wisdom are always a bit different from the rest, with an underlying sense of truth. yout natural self is a pick me up to the rest of the world. you are a perfect combination of four parts beauty and one part magic.

dear aquarius:
you have an intuition like no other. you’re capable of reading someone within minutes and have an accurate idea of who they are. this aids you on your journey of accomplishing what you desire. if you want something, you will get it and many envy that drive and determination. never give up beautiful.

dear pisces:
you are a constantly igniting flame. when you’re fueled you can glow brighter than the sun. it’s easy to hate those in the spotlight, but with you no one does. your heart is so pure and everyone knows that you operate through simplicity and beauty. your flame will not burn out.

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