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The Worst Ex for Sign

By e n j e r u - December 27, 2015

The worst ex an Aries can have: One who finds ways to still make them feel inadequate or still pokes at their ego.

The worst ex a Taurus can have: One who pretends to still care or is fake with their friendship and emotions.

The worst ex a Gemini can have: One who badmouths them or spreads rumors about them after the break up.

The worst ex a Cancer can have: One who moves on immediately, leaves them for another, or is totally cold afterwards.

The worst ex a Leo can have: One that boast about their current relationship to them or still leads them on.

The worst ex a Virgo can have: One who is unpredictable with their actions and words.

The worst ex a Libra can have: One that continues to use them.

The worst ex a Scorpio can have: One that wants to get back together with them.

The worst ex a Sagittarius can have: One that sticks around.

The worst ex a Capricorn can have: One who guilt trips them.

The worst ex an Aquarius can have: One who is clingy or still emotionally involved. 

The worst ex a Pisces can have: Any ex!

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