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Using Databases to Analyze Sales Trends Assignment

By e n j e r u - April 28, 2015

Improving Decision Making: Using Databases to
Analyze Sales Trends
Software skills: Database querying and reporting
Business skills: Sales trend analysis

Effective information systems transform data into meaningful information for decisions that improve business performance. In MyMISLab, you can find a Store and Regional Sales Database with raw data on weekly store sales of computer equipment in various sales regions. A sample is shown below, but MyMISLab may have a more recent version of this database for this exercise.

The database includes fields for store identification number, sales region number, item number, item description, unit price, units sold, and the weekly sales period when the sales were made. Develop some reports and queries to make this information more useful for running the business.
Try to use the information in the database to support decisions on
  • which products to restock
  • which stores and sales regions would benefit from additional marketing and promotional campaigns
  • which times of the year products should be offered at full price
  • which times of the year products should be discounted
Modify the database table, if necessary, to provide all of the information you require. Print your reports and results of queries.

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14 Comment

  1. Good article; though I think it the biggest issue would usually be getting that database to begin with :)

  2. Sorry, I don't really get what is this article about, maybe I don't really analyze sales trends etc. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i was in sales before and doing everything manually to get a projection on sales.. it is good thing there are programs now doing the math and it is just one click.

  4. This seems to be a great software for retail owners. Does this have any support online and is available around the globe?

  5. I am not in business nor in sales so I cannot completely grasp the meaning of this post. However, I do know the importance of databases for any profession.

  6. I see the importance of databases especially in Sales. It makes planning and decision-making easier.

  7. Hmmm...Honestly, I don't get the post. But as far as I know about business, as a marketing graduate, e-Commerce is quite easy to use. You can handle your database, you can add products, you can upload anything you want. You can also track records, etc...

  8. This is some good information. I have lots of friends who work in sales, and this would benefit them greatly.

  9. Oh my, I know nothing about what you are talking here. Nevertheless, nice info to study.

  10. Does this help in doing the management reports using macros to generate the trends etc ?

  11. These database can really help you strategize on your sales. It can also affect your order cycle.

  12. Thanks for sharing this tips and information. I m sure it will benefit those who need data to help them to make correct decision.

  13. Why this tip isn't available when I am still studying . Database is very important to do analysis and for reference.

  14. I personally use database for SEO purposes


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