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Super Delicate - HSJ

By e n j e r u - January 04, 2012

i think this more clear than before :)
follow @JE_paparazzi ne :3

wanna download just click heree~ 
pw like the song name :)
credit : 1127sato

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11 Comment

  1. I can never get the password right :(

  2. eh really? :( the PW like the song name, sis~! :D

  3. Anou~ I can't seem to get the password even though I used the song as the password ><"

  4. THANK YOU!!! but I can't seem to guess the password.. what do you mean like the song name? sorry Im slow ohoho.

  5. Thanks ^^
    But is this a video ? or just a song? >.<

  6. Gomen..

    password in question is the title of the song...?

  7. Thank you~
    I Got the PW ne~
    It's 'Super(space)Delicate' right? ^^
    Thank you so much for sharing :D


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