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Traditional Japanese Gift Ideas for Mother' s Day

By e n j e r u - August 17, 2014

Looking for some unique mother's day gifts? Here is the solution, I have brought some unique Japanese gifts ideas for this year Mother' s day. As mother's day involves with our busy life only once throughout a year therefore it's the simplest time to share your joy together with your mother. The day is incredibly very much special to everyone; I do have some plans to try and do.

I am an Asian, I need to precise my feelings just in case we have a tendency to shop for gifts for our mothers. You don't have to be compelled to pay lots of cash to shop for a novel gift and it'd be amazing if your gift becomes totally different than the last year you had given.

Today, I personally have thought what to include and exclude since I actually have lots of ancient Japanese gift ideas. It's progressing to be arduous on behalf of me to decide on the simplest ones; I have to tell you this in advanced. However, you'd get pleasure from staring at this lens.

Yukata Fashion - Japanese Girls Posing Wearing Yukata

Yukata is one of the popular traditional Japanese souvenirs you would collect if you are in Japan now. Yukata fashion trends change over time. You have got to find out some colorful Yukatas for your mummy or wife.

Furoshiki - Eco Friendly Wrapping Clothes

Originating from Japanese culture where it promotes caring for the environment and reducing waste; Furoshiki is the eco-friendly wrapping cloth. Using techniques similar to origami, it can be used for gift wrapping, grocery shopping or simply as decor. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and designs to complement your lifestyle. Why furoshiki? It is reusable and multipurpose. Each year billions of plastic bags end up as litter; reusable bags, such as furoshiki can help reduce the impact to our environment. Its versatility allows you to wrap almost anything regardless of its shape or size.

Japanese Hand Fan

hand-held fan is an implement used to induce an airflow for the purpose of cooling or refreshing oneself. Any broad, flat surface waved back-and-forth will create a small airflow and therefore can be considered a rudimentary fan. But generally, purpose-made hand-held fans are shaped like a sector of a circle and made of a thin material (such as paper or feathers) mounted on slats which revolve around a pivot so that it can be closed when not in use.


"Bonsai" is a Japanese pronunciation of the earlier Chinese term penzai. A "bon" is a tray-like pot typically used in bonsai culture. The word bonsai is often used in English as an umbrella term for all miniature trees in containers or pots. This article focuses on bonsai as defined in the Japanese tradition.

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