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10 Top Application to reading Manga

By e n j e r u - August 15, 2014

Reading manga in this modern era can be done not only through the physical form of the book alone, but also through mobile devices used in everyday life. Among the many devices that enable people to read comfortably and easily is the iPad and Android tablet that has a larger screen size. But some people also use their iPhone to do this. This post I take from her.

For iOS and Android device users who like to read the manga but still confused what applications that provide this service, Ts summarises some applications that can accommodate this exciting activity.

(iOS and Android)

Some application providers know the two OS's manga can indeed reap a lot of users, so that they want to embrace it all by providing applications in these two giant platforms. The following three applications have the best view for reading manga.

1. Manga Rock

With its unique interface display, Manga Rock appear to be different from other applications. This application is also available in seven different languages​​, namely English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. There are thousands of manga available in it, like manga that are popular today, Naruto and One Piece, from 24 different manga sources.

2. Manga Meow

Unlike the other applications that provide a list of manga in the traditional arrangement, Manga Meow make it more attractive to use the cover of a comic printed in his Library option. Asiknya again, read comics online can be re-read in the offline state.

3. Viz Manga

Indeed, this one application can be downloaded for free, but if you want to subscribe to the comics that you like there is a cost to be incurred. However, there is a preview option which can be seen first before deciding to subscribe.

(Just for Android)

The popularity of the OS made by Google in Indonesia is indeed skyrocketing, so many applications available in PlayStore to read manga. Since the manga is not always for readers of all ages, often naplikasi the 'censored' Google so it is not freely available for download. However, some websites providing manga with a parental control application. There are two applications for the top of this section:

1. Manga Watcher

This application is available at PlayStore ever but Google pulled it because there is no sensor for the manga porn scene (or so-called hentai). Uncontested technological sophistication so that users can still use it to download the apk file to its Android devices.

2. Mango

Mango is a manga reader application with more than 9,000 comic complete edition. In the past, there are two versions of this application, can be downloaded via the Play Store and through their own website. Just like Manga Watcher, Google then removes this application in PlayStore, so now only available through their official website.

[Just for iOS (iPad/iPhone)]

Steve Jobs made ​​device is no doubt can accommodate as much fun reading manga playing games through the iPad, although not many applications providers Indonesian language manga provided AppStore. Here are the top 5 best manga app for iOS:

1. Manga Strom

Manga Storm application is available for free in the App Store with a collection that is fairly complete. Unfortunately all manga available still use English.

2. Comic Zeal

By using Comic Zeal app, you can download the whole manga from various sources, as well as be able to read through this application.

3. Manga Finder

Manga Finder provides over 100,000 manga choice of 14 different servers. With the look of its simple interface, allowing you to quickly move to the next page.

4. Manga Searcher Ultimate

Display interfaces with a white background, Manga Ultimate Searcher is not much to offer advantages. However, you can still enjoy the manga 10,000 options in five different paths on this application.

5. Manga - Browser, Reader, Downloader

This application has a feature that is quite complete. Users can export .cbz manga format and vice versa. Availability manga is a lot of variety of servers, and a built-in web browser makes this application is perfect for lovers of manga heavyweight.

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