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I Wanna Get Married in Japan!

By e n j e r u - August 21, 2014

I think this post really perfect for you to get married :"D I get this post from her.

Japan is Just Perfect!

As a teen, I know I'm too young to ever think about getting married. But don't be surprised because I am a futuristic type of person and already have plans for my dream wedding 7 or 9 years from now, unless there's somebody who wants to marry me right now! hohoho!

Since my 29-year-old cousin is getting married, she bought lots of wedding magazines to have some idea. Fond of reading stuffs, I read the Tokyo Wedding Collection magazine and liked it, but what caught my attention are the wedding chapels. Since then, I became interested about the wedding destinations in Japan: churches, chapels, locations, and many more.

Too young to be a bride, I decided to create a lens about this and share to all of you, my colensmasters, my dream wedding in Japan! Why Japan? You'll find out so keep on reading!

Tokyo Wedding Collection Magazine

This magazine always update about Wedding *^*

The reason why Japan is best palace to wedding because . . .

Resort wedding! Of course other countries have this too like Australia, Guam and Hawaii and honestly these countries are my second option. Overseas wedding has been a booming business in Japan and I want to experience getting married here too! To have a look with their resort chapels, just keep on scrolling!

Kanucha Stellar Chapel

The Kanucha Stellar Chapel is located on the hill of Kanucha Bay Hotel & Villas, a resort hotel. It is a sophisticated South European-style chapel in which a sacred ceremony is performed amid the soft light filtering through stained glass with a star and flower motif behind the altar.

Capacity: 60 persons
Wedding aisle: 13 m long; marble

Okuma Felicia Church

The Okuma Felicia Church is located on the premises of the JAL Private Resort Okuma, a resort hotel blended with its surrounding great nature. The church, built mainly with glass walls and roof, overlooks a white sandy beach and the crystal blue sea and sky, offering an ideal, gorgeous stage for the couple who swears eternal love.

Capacity: 50 persons
Wedding aisle: 12 m long; glass

Chapel of Five Senses

A chapel beside the sea with abundant nature and sunlight. The adjoining ocean-view party hall offers the resort’s original French-style dishes prepared with plenty of Okinawan ingredients. The special Villa Suites are available exclusively for the bride and bridegroom.

Capacity: 40 persons
Wedding aisle: 10 m long; glass

Aqua Luce Chapel

The Aqua Luce Chapel, located on the premises of the ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort, one of the most popular hotels in the west coast area of the Okinawa Main Island, is designed on the basis of two themes: “aqua” (water) and “luce” (light).

Capacity: 60 persons
Wedding aisle: 13 m long; white marble

Coralvita Chapel

Coral is the symbol of happiness, and “vita” (a Latin word meaning “life”) signifies something passed on forever. In front of the chapel lies the sea with a coral reef, which is said to bring eternal happiness.
The chapel, built with glass walls on three sides, is filled with bright sunlight, and overlooks the Manzamo cape, one of the most picturesque landscapes in Okinawa, through the glass wall behind the altar. Sacred ceremonies of weddings are performed amid the panoramic views of the sea and sky.

Capacity: 50 persons
Wedding aisle: 13 m long; white marble

Rizzan le Angemarry Chapel

Okinawa’s only two-story chapel located only five meters away from the white sandy beach of the coral reef. The white wall, blue dome roof, and Spanish roof tiles blend well with the surrounding subtropical nature.
When the elegant door of the chapel is opened, there is a breath-taking view of the crystal-clear sky and emerald green sea at the end of the marble wedding aisle.

Capacity: 80 persons
Wedding aisle: 13 m long; white marble


The Ao-no-Chapel with white and glass walls is located on a hill of the large resort hotel, offering a marvelous view of the deep blue sky and sea from the altar. The sounds of sea breeze and waves, songs of birds, and other natural elements add dramatic effects to the ceremony where eternal love is pledged.

Capacity: 30 persons
Wedding aisle: Stairs

Renaissance Ribera Church

The standalone Renaissance Ribera Church, designed on the basis of the theme of “sacred seaside,” is reminiscent of a white-wall chapel on the Mediterranean coast. The glass wall with a cross behind the altar offers a magnificent view of the sky and sea, adding a dramatic effect to the ceremony, which appears as if it is taking place on the sea.

Capacity: 50 persons
Wedding aisle: 12 m long; crystal glass

Arluis Suite (Seaside Chapel)

The Arluis Suite is a wedding facility located in Onna Village, one of the most popular resorts in Okinawa. At the center of the facility’s vast site stands the Seaside Chapel, which, as its name indicates, is so close to the sea that a wedding ceremony appears as if it became one with the sea.

The contrast between the all-white interior of the chapel and the blue sea and sky at the end of the Ryukyu glass wedding aisle is breath-taking and overwhelming.

Capacity: 40 persons
Wedding aisle: 10 m long; Ryukyu glass

Chapel Bianca

The Chapel Bianca is located on the premises of the Okinawa-Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel surrounded by natural beauty.

The charming European-style chapel, standing in a subtropical lush green paradise, looks fantastic with its sloping red tiled triangular roof contrasting with the blue sky in the daytime, and adds to the romantic mood in the evening when illuminated.

Capacity: 80 persons
Wedding aisle: 10 m long; white marble

Aquagrace Chapel

The Aquagrace Chapel is situated beside the Uza Beach in Yomitan Village. Together with four ocean-view banquet rooms attached to it, the chapel offers an ideal setting for both wedding ceremony and reception. Based on the concept of “aqua” (water) and “grace,” the chapel is designed for refined tastes using Okinawan materials, such as the elegant exterior walls with a natural touch made of Ryukyu limestone as well as stained Ryukyu glass. The chapel also features barrier-free design.

Capacity: 60 persons
Wedding aisle: 13 m long; white marble

Alivila Glory Chapel

The Alivila Glory Chapel, located on the premises of the Hotel Nikko Alivila, an exotic South European style resort hotel, is an elegant chapel with white walls and the red Spanish tile roof standing in a spectacular location overlooking the sea.

Capacity: 100 persons
Wedding aisle: 14 m long; white on red base

Lazor Garden Alivila Cristea Church

The Cristea Church, located in one of the most luxurious resort areas in Okinawa and surrounded by natural beauty, looks as if it is floating on the sea lying right behind the church.

The ocean-view banquet rooms adjacent to the church are an ideal place to welcome guests after the ceremony.

Capacity: 50 persons
Wedding aisle: 12 m long; crystal glass

SeaShell Blue

The SeaShell Blue wedding hall is conveniently located at only about a 20-minute drive from the Naha Airport.

Since the hall is connected directly to the Southern Beach Hotel & Resort overlooking the Bibi Beach Itoman, one of the most popular leisure spots in Okinawa, there is no worry about accommodation, transportation, or guest entertainment.

Capacity: 50 persons
Wedding aisle: 7.2 m long

The Laguna Garden Hotel

The Laguna Garden Hotel, located in the bay area of Ginowan City in the middle of the Okinawa Main Island, is a popular city resort hotel offering both marine and urban pleasure.
The Laguna Chapel of the hotel is designed with urban sophistication based on the two-tone color of blue and white. The clear blue light creates a stylish and romantic ambience like being underwater. 
The white glowing wedding aisle that illuminates the couple leads to one of the happiest moments of their life. Pledging eternal love in front of the blue-light cross will become an unforgettable experience for the couple. 
Since the chapel is located indoors, your wedding will not be affected by weather conditions—another great advantage of the chapel.

Capacity:90 persons
Wedding aisle:15 m long; white (luminous)

Chapel Diamond Ocean

The Chapel Diamond Ocean, located on a hill and built with glass walls all around, offers a 360-degree view of the sea, sky, sun, and forest, making it an ideal place for couples to vow eternal love. 
Thanks to the high location of the chapel, the vast beautiful sea can be seen throughout the year regardless of tidal action. The wedding in this chapel also features “Affection Veil,” “Water Ceremony,” and various other unique ceremonies performed in the sacred ambiance. The blue sea sparkling in bright sunlight turns to red at sunset, and another beautiful moment with twinkling stars comes in the evening. Make the day the most memorable one for you two on the paradise island.

Capacity:40 persons
Wedding aisle: 8 m long

Allamada Chapel

The Allamanda Chapel towering into the sky embodies the “pinnacle of happiness” that the Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda, a hotel in pursuit of ultimate service, can offer. 
At the end of the wedding aisle that is reminiscent of white sand in a tropical resort, there is a magnificent view of the crystal blue sea. The sunlight filtering through the dazzling stained glass is colorful and soft. 
The blue sky and guests celebrate the couple’s eternal love.

Capacity:40 persons
Wedding aisle:10 m long; white marble

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