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Shirota Yuu twin

By e n j e r u - February 03, 2011

waaaaaa. i found a same face again! see more naa~ >.<

first, it's AOEY! she's a asian tomboy! :DD

want more aeoy pic? here~

second! it's shirota yuu!

how ne, minna? =3

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6 Comment

  1. >.< she's cute.. but Mizumi-chan is right :) she's a bit chubby..

  2. @rolf : yeah! :DD mizumi? who? XDD

  3. I'm sorry to say this but I find no similarity. Yu-kun's mouth is bigger, his lower lip being more full and with a characteristic curve. His eyes are smaller and his nose is bigger and in a different shape than hers.

    Not that I'm that into details, but his facial characteristics are quite special. By twin I thought you were talking about his older brother Jun or anyone else in his family (There are verylittle differences in between them xD) or someone who at least had the nose xD

    She is cute but her face is round which makes people call her chubby while yu-kun's is oval with a strong jaw bone. Just adding my two cents, hope I don't sound as vicious as it seems, I don't mean to be -_-;

  4. Aeoy, is cute... black hair suits her well.. :D:D


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