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[Free E-Book PDF] 70 Japanese Gestures

By e n j e r u - July 10, 2014

Japanese is considered to be an extremely difficult language to learn. The writing system is made up of over 100 phonetic symbols in addition to thousands of Chinese characters. It is often said that it takes till the age 10 for a Japanese child to master the language.

Many people are of the belief that Japanese keep body action to a minimum when speaking, yet over 120 gestures are commonly used. Even after eliminating those that will probably no longer be in use by the end of the next decade, 70 still remain. These are presented in this book.

It is an unfortunate fact that, at present, there are many Japanese who are not proficient in English. Communicating with words may be difficult but why not start with gestures? Great insight into the culture and lifestyle of Japan can be had from understanding its gestures.

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