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All Game Offline in ipad iphone ipod CRACK

By e n j e r u - March 18, 2014

Okay, I think you will say I'm lied, right? Or you will said if I just used gameplayer or iGameGuardian (if you're maniac game, you must know about it:p)

I'll show the screenshoot first..

1. Minion Rush Cheat
Can buy without bananas and tokens and can currency without having it

2. Pou
Can buy anything you want

3. Subway Surfers
4. Temple Run
5. Clash of Clans (will not get attack when your apps still in backgroud)
6. The Hardest Game
7. The Cytus
8. Get all Effects and Stickers in Path
9. Etc (you can try it :p)

Okay.. I have hm 3 apps I'll give to you so watch out and DON'T REPOST OR I'LL KICK YOU.

First of All, you must jailbreak your ipad or iphone first. If your iphone or ipad still have not jailbreak, you can try e******7.x to jailbreak. But remember! You must look for the best one because sometimes, they deceived us.

1. L***********e
With this apps, you can buy anything just click cancel. How? I'll show it first.

2. ***
3. ***

Understand? I'll post how to get the apps if only already 10 people comment in here and the others apps :) So I know how many people attract this post.

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