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Pocket Kanji

By e n j e r u - March 19, 2010

Japanese-English dictionary for phones with J2ME support. Includes 110.000 words and 6.500 kanjis. Fits for any MIDP 2.0 device, no japanese font is needed.
For phones with 1MB JAR restriction, please download Lite version (limited to 22,500 words, 1,100 kanjis and smaller font). Both version work with same unlock key and price is same.

pocketkanji-1.7.jar, 10-03-2010, 4766 KB
pocketkanji-1.7.jad, 10-03-2010, 439 B
pocketkanji-1.7Lite.jar, 10-03-2010, 1000 KB
pocketkanji-1.7Lite.jad, 10-03-2010, 443 B

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