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May 25, 2012 - HSJ on HK Airport

By e n j e r u - May 25, 2012

Before, I say sorry if I was sent all my posts to draft ne, minna~!! m(_ _)m 
As we know, today HSJ landed in HK Airport at 13:25 :)

 So, I'll sharing to you their video in HK :)
btw, if u just wanna streaming- kochiii

look at daichan XD
dai really kind~ <3
download here~!
' kindai '  

and for other channel just look at  jumpintomyheart~ :D

credits : already in pics n there~ :)

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6 Comment

  1. Thanks for sharing!!
    Daiki is indeed very kind <3 aww waving at the fans like that~

  2. waaaiiiii~ thank youuuuu<3 thank youu<3 tenkyuuu~ (ten.kyu = 10.9?)XDD

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