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how yabu really wanna kiss dai when concert n magajin

By e n j e r u - October 08, 2011

eeerrr.. may i say just 3 words .
I am ENVY ;~~; *bite the stone*

yabu : may i kiss u now, ki-chan? :*
Daiki :don't do it in here, paaaa!

pict 1
yabu : ahh ki-chan! why u r heavy now? =="
dai : maybe bcs i ate penguin's meat very much! XD
yabu : ehhh .____.a

pict 2
yabu : kiss yaa~ *will kiss dai*
dai : *silent*

pict 3
 yabu : something wrong, ki-chan?
dai : anooo ! inoo-mama will mad to me, papa! :|
yabu : nooo~ keep silent n he'll not know! xp

pict 4
yabu : *kissing dai now*


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