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newspaper in JAPAN about RYUTARO MORIMOTO

By e n j e r u - July 04, 2011

emmm.. test test :D
ahh! i lost 1 follower in here! it's okay la~ not just u who wanna follow me! :P haha~
before u look it, follow my twitter ne @ten79ryuu ~~

ahh ryuuu! why u tried to smoking? BAKA!
who can translate it? translate pls!

credit by : kellyeve (in pic)

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3 Comment

  1. means Participate in any activity prohibited indefinitely, maybe Ryu wouldn't attend the Summary in Aug :(

  2. ahh yeah!huhuhuhu~ T______________________T

  3. Test posts are the best posts! Great look to your blog here. :)

    I look forward to seeing future posts. I followed your blog and twitter. Feel free to follow me too. :D!/LordOfTheMeow


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