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JUMP .0722 in "SUMMARY 2010" to complete trapeze

By e n j e r u - July 24, 2010

Full credit baidu


21, 10 combination Hey! Say! JUMP water bridge in Tokyo's JCB Hall, held a concert "SUMMARY 2010".

    Johnny's summer activities in accordance with convention, a lapse of 2 years, 4 times at the concert. This year's theme is "Johnny Circus Boys".
Air swing and follow outline silk, real circus challenge. Chinen Yoo Lee (16) to easily jump, successfully completed the air swing. Yamada (17) have gone through a rickety rope, got the audience to applaud.

   Stage 30 tons of water used for performances, charm between attracting the audience. Captain Tau macro so (20) "because the pants are often wet, it has changed 23 pants." It is said because of the danger of the stage with, (even) of about 2 months of special training, but also a lot of tension per cent more than usual, Tau said, "the face of dying at any time, from the first day of rehearsal cried . "
High-wire is Yama Chan and Dai Chan; height is 15m.
Chii is done in the 10m high above the flying trapeze.

Then, hi old man speaking: hope held each year!
(PS: "SUMMARY" is held once every 2 years.)

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