December 16, 2015

Why the signs are upset

Aries:they think everyone is scared of them because of their bad temper. They don't mean to lose it, it's just that sometimes they get out f hand, and they don't mean to.
Taurus:they are very shy and timid. They are afraid of people, and that prevents them from making friends. That's all they really want, and they can't get it.
Gemini:they are upset because everyone tries to avoid them. Everyone tells them they talk too much and they are to sociable. Geminis just want to be friends with people. And because they push too hard, sometimes that's difficult for them.
Cancer:they are upset because they think they are too sensitive. When someone says something, they take it to heart. They wish they didn't have that kind of personality.
Leo:They are upset because they think they are too harsh of others. They don't mean it, it's just them. They want people in their reach, so they can control them, and people just don't like that.
Virgo:they think others don't like them because they are too picky. So they try to stay away from people, which makes them upset.
Libra:they don't play well in the sandbox. Thy don't have too many friends. And that upsets them.
Scorpio:heartbreak. Anytime someone does something to hurt Scorpio, they fall into darkness. They can't handle heartbreak, and that's what makes them upset.

Sagittarius:they think their friends don't like them. They love their friends, and to see them not like them is truly upsetting to a Sagittarius.
Capricorn:they don't like to do things with others. So when their friends go out, they get upset, because they don't want to go. A capricorns mind is very complicated.
Aquarius:understanding. They don't understand a lot of things. When someone close to them is mean, or distant, they don't know why, and that upsets them. They have to know what's happening every second.
Pisces:they get upset when they get hurt by someone they love. It's that simple.

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