December 16, 2015

Why The Signs Are Frustrated

Aries:  They're in a professional area and got really pissed but can't let it out so they sit there and just fester on it for thirty years.

Taurus:  They're in a NONprofessional area, and got really mad but really care about the person they are talking to so sit there and fester about it for thirty years.

Gemini:  They can't talk to anyone

Cancer:  Someone shut them down durning a feels session

Leo:  Someone is pushing them away

Virgo:  Its you. You're the reason Virgo is frustrated. Stop it.

Libra:  Someone slapped them right back with the bitch fork (probs Gemini).

Scorpio:  They're always chill what the hell dude stop okay.

Sagittarius:  Theyre always frustrated i don't get why you're wondering

Capricorn:  They're stuck with people who are/act younger than them.

Aquarius:  Emotions are weird

Pisces:  Aquarius or Scorpio did something and now they have to deal with it as well.

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