December 10, 2015

When the Zodiac Signs are Bored

When Aries is bored they ask a lot of questions, is disruptive and distracting, or constantly whispering and joking to their neighbors.

When  Taurus is bored they feel tired, their mind can’t focused, and being bored bothers them in a very physical way.

When  Gemini is bored they start doodling, fidgeting, or plays around on their phone or laptop.

When Cancer is bored they are likely to complain about it or will distract themselves quietly and secretly.

When Leo is bored they will make things interesting somehow! Starting a debate, distracting the teacher or presenter to make them go off on a rant, joke around, or even get up and do their own presentation is their style.

When Virgo is bored they contain themselves but is secretly dying inside, when REALLY bored they resort to texting.

When Libra is bored they daydream and/or zone out.

When  Scorpio is bored they might draw, figure out a problem ahead of time, or make a grocery list. They are somewhat productive while bored.

When Sagittarius is bored they can’t sit still! They might be clock watchers.

When  Capricorn is bored they go off on their phone or computer to pass the time.

When Aquarius  is bored they might bite their fingernails, kick a chair/desk in front of them, or try to start something for entertainment.        

When  Pisces is bored they find a way to escape either physically or mentally.

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