December 10, 2015

The Zodiac Sign‘s Type of Advice

Aries advice is always direct and sometimes never asked for. Their advice actually comes from reason as well as what is best for you and how you can get ahead. They are known to be selfish but they are the best at thinking of ways to look out for number one.

Taurus gives advice when someone is clearly complaining or subtly asking for advice (or even straight up asking for it). Their advice usually comes from their own experiences and is good at advising people to take the safe route.

Gemini usually only gives advice when asked for it. Their advice usually comes from a place of logic combined with current mainstream ideas and opinions.

Cancer’s advice is shared when they feel that their guidance/opinion is needed. Their advice comes from their intuition and perception. When Cancer gives their advice you can always see their understanding trait come through.

Leo’s advice is shared all the time when drama breaks out or when people come to them with their issues. They encourage bravery, standing up for yourself, equality, and doing what is best for you.

Virgo’s advice can be blunt and seem more like a criticism than guidance. They use practicality and reason in their advice and is good at noticing flaws and details that others miss.

Libra’s advice is given when asked or if someone complains a lot. They can see both sides of an issue and tends to give people multiple options/pieces of advice. Libra is good at staying unbiased with advice.

Scorpio shares advice when a loved one seems troubled or when an issue erupts. Their advice comes from a combination of their intuition and personal experiences. They are good at helping people through transformations.

Sagittarius gives advice only when asked and sometimes when asked they can be hesitant to give guidance. They are blunt and forward with advice and is more likely to call out a person or situation as it really is than sugar coat anything. They might live by a “don’t like it, change it” form of guidance.

Capricorn gives advice when asked except for close loved ones, they give their advice to them all the time… their “advice”. Capricorn’s advice is highly practical and insightful.

Aquarius gives advice when they see that someone needs it or thinks someone needs it. Their advice tends to be what you don’t expect and they would rather push you out of the nest to fly on your own rather than coddle someone.

Pisces advice is given in the heat of the moment. Their advice is a mesh of personal experience, intuition, perception, and logic. Their advice on a certain matter could change depending on when and how many times you talk to them.

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