December 10, 2015

The Zodiac Signs and Their Secrets

Aries is not one to keep a secret. If information does need to keep hidden it is usually only for a short amount of time.

Taurus secrets tend to be how they feel about things rather than certain actions they have done. They can be rational in who they confess their secrets to.

Gemini is known to be bad at keeping others secrets but when it comes to their own they can actually be surprisingly strategic in what they tell to who.

Cancer hides theirs and others secrets away like hidden treasure.

Leo is usually an honest sign and doesn’t have many secrets. The few they do have they try to keep locked away but can sometimes be cursed with people getting into their business.

Virgo is good at keeping secrets because they make others believe they have none.

Libra has many secrets and is good at distracting or discouraging people from trying to pry at them.

Of course Scorpio the master of secrets has tons of secrets and mystery revolving around them. Scorpio’s secrets run deep and it is a commitment to try to unravel their past and emotions.

Sagittarius is an open book! This sign doesn’t know how to keep secrets and can actually get themselves into trouble by spilling the beans. But they are usually too distracted or even self-absorbed to tell other people’s secrets :p. It is usually their own information they leak out.

Capricorn is a private sign and is very good at keeping secrets. Finding out their hidden information can be hard and even once someone does find out their secret Capricorn goes to great lengths to keep that person quiet.

Aquarius’s aloofness usually helps them out in keeping information hidden. They are communicative and honest and secrets tend to be formed because they are forgetful or doesn’t find the information necessary to share.

Pisces has their secrets and is good at being elusive and tiptoeing around the truth. What is special about Pisces secrets is they can mix truth and lies together, easily creating illusions. Usually time, actions, and experience with a Pisces unravels their truths.

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