December 10, 2015

How to make the Zodiac Sign’s Day

Make an Aries’s day by: Giving them a compliment.

Make a Taurus’s day by: Offering them a small treat, like a slice of cake, a friendship bracelet, or even just a new pen.

Make a Gemini’s day by: Simply paying attention to them or getting to know them.

Make a Cancer’s day by: Remembering an important date or memory that you two had together.

Make a Leo’s day by: Cheering them on in their endeavours.  

Make a Virgo’s day by: Appreciating them in someway.      

Make a Libra’s day by: Acknowledging something special about them.

Make a Scorpio’s day by: Sparking/reminding them of their passion or showing your passion about something.

Make Sagittarius’s day by: Laughing at their jokes.

Make Capricorn’s day by: Helping them out of a sticky situation or giving them a temporary escape.

Make an Aquarius’s day by: Showing them something new.

Make a Pisces’s day by: Just being there for them.

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