December 10, 2015

how the signs react to being ignored

Aries: absolutely cannot stand it, will confront you about it. loudly.

Taurus: doesn't even notice you're ignoring them usually

Gemini: gets super upset and may confront you, but won't usually retaliate.

Cancer: also hates being ignored; may try to guilt-trip you into paying attention to them again or try to "make" you miss them

Leo: ignores you back to save face but takes it really hard

Virgo: gets angry, but sees it as your loss

Libra: ignores you for about half the time you've been ignoring them, then tries to move past it

Scorpio: HATES being ignored, even though they're usually the ones doing the ignoring.... will drop you like a hot rock if you ignore them

Sagittarius: doesn't notice or care

Capricorn: gets sad about it, but won't confront you or retaliate; they'll just distance themselves

Aquarius: gets slightly peeved and insecure, but generally moves on quickly

Pisces: will generally disappear. they want you to come back and find them, but if you don't, they'll wander away and not look back.

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